4 Benefits You'll Gain From Us

reduce food and labor costs

Reduce Food and Labor Costs

optimized labor scheduling

Optimize Labor Scheduling

maintain optimal inventory

Maintain Optimal Inventory

guarantee profitability

Guarantee Profitability

Sales Forecasting. Reinvented.

What Our Application Can Do For You

Forecast Sales with Ease

Having precise sales projections is the key to running a successful business since it affects all areas of operation. Attempting to accurately project sales and transactions for your business can often feel like a complex and time-consuming task, especially if you rely on a system that overcomplicates the process of forecasting. These systems lead to wasted time and inaccurate projections, causing a decline in business operations.

Zip Forecasting eliminates these problems by introducing a system that will easily integrate with your business, and make forecasting sales easier than ever before. Our intuitive interface is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to teach. Zip Forecasting also lets you schedule events, and even includes a weather forecast so that you are always aware of anything that could potentially impact your sales.

forecast sales with ease

Analyze Your Data

Being able to track historical sales data is important to your business, as it gives you the ability to easily identify trends and improve your future projections. Our program fully integrates with your POS, pulling sales and transactional data directly from your system and placing into our database. You can use this valuable information to see how close, or far, you were from hitting your projected sales.

While Zip forecasting lets you analyze sales on a daily basis, we have also given you the ability to track and project sales within 15, 30, and 60-minute intervals so that you can recognize trends and identify any problems in your business. Being able to recognize which days and time periods are slowest will also open up opportunities to have specials and promotions that can help increase sales for your business.

Reduce Labor Costs

One of the biggest issues produced by inaccurate forecasting is overspending on labor. If you are consistently missing projections by large margins you will have more staff scheduled than necessary on slower days, which means extra employees will be on the clock wasting labor hours. Conversely, not having enough employees working on busier days means they will have to stay longer than their scheduled times which will lead to OT, ultimately increasing your labor costs.

Zip Forecasting provides you with all the tools necessary to generate projections that are as accurate as possible, which will help reduce your business’s labor costs while ensuring you are properly staffed every single day. You can even set up your own labor matrices, letting you decide how many employees you want working for certain sales thresholds. With Zip Forecasting, you will never have to worry about wasted labor again.

reducing labor costs
easily anticipate demand

Easily Anticipate Demand

Without accurate projections, your managers and staff won’t know what to expect on a daily basis. This uncertainty will add unnecessary stress to every shift that will cause problems like confusion, unexpected rushes, decreased throughput, and poor customer service. All of these problems will hurt the productivity of your business and ultimately cause a decrease in sales.

Zip Forecasting helps optimize your business operations through accurate sales projections so that you and your team know what to expect and when, making sure you are prepared for every shift. Our system helps you forecast hours for every position, so that every department is properly covered. When shifts run smoothly, there is a noticeable increase in throughput, quality, and customer service that will keep customers coming back, leading to increased profits for your business.

Implement Automated Forecasting

Time is extremely valuable in any business, and having to forecast sales every single week can become very time consuming. Nobody is perfect, and entering projections manually comes with the added risk of human error. While you do have the option to manually forecast sales every week, we believe that time could be spent doing something more important like being out in your store focusing on customers.

Zip Forecasting uses an advanced forecasting algorithm, which will completely automate your forecasting based on historical data. This advanced system lets you choose the criteria you want your forecasted sales to be based on whether it’s the previous week, month, or year.

implementing automated forecasting

Minimize Food Costs

Unfortunately, one overlooked consequence of inaccurate projections is having problems with inventory. Projections that are too low will cause your store to run out of food, leading to unhappy customers and extra food orders, which will drive up inventory costs. On the other hand, over-projecting will lead to excessive orders that will increase your waste and generate a high variance.

Zip Forecasting eliminates all of these problems by implementing accurate projections that will lead to precise food orders, which will help reduce waste while making sure you always have the appropriate amount of inventory. Being properly stocked means your customers can always order exactly what they want, which will keep them coming back for more.

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