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Zip Forecast business intelligence tool. Unlimited employees. No contracts.

For a few dollars a month you'll be prepared to capitalize on business demand.


$19 per location monthly

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  •   Sales and Transactional Forecasting
  •   POS Compatibility
  •   Weekly Forecast Reports
  •   POS Data Visualization
  •   Business Forecast Reports
  •   Labor Matrix
  •   Staffing Position Guide
  •   Interval Based Forecasting
  •   Multi-location Support
  •   Free support included

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Commonly asked questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Zip Forecast.

Is there an additional charge for your iPhone or Android apps?

No. There are no hidden costs with Zip Forecast. It's Free. All your managers and employees can enjoy our POS business intelligence iPhone and Android apps for no additional cost. All they have to do is get the app from iTunes or Google Play.

Calvin Wessley

Famous Dave's
Costa Mesa, CA

"Since we got Zip Forecast, we've already saved 2% on labor. It's a great solution that's taken the guesswork out of employee scheduling and inventory planning. Now we are better prepared for what's to come."

Anand Gala

Gala Corp
Costa Mesa, CA

"Zip Forecast helps our managers identify the areas we need improve to increase sales and reduce costs. The mobile app puts these reports at their fingertips."

Guessing games are a thing of the past. Try it free.

"Before Zip Forecast I would use my best judgment to schedule staff from week to week. Now I never have to guess. Our labor costs are down, and employee efficiency is up thanks to the accurate staff forecasts."

John Evard

Fresh Griller, Fullerton, CA