Free support included

  • Sales and Transactional Forecasting
  • POS Compatibility
  • Weekly Forecast Reports
  • POS Data Visualization
  • Business Forecast Reports
  • Labor Matrix
  • Interval Based Forecasting
  • Multi-location Support



per location monthly

For a few dollars a month you'll be prepared to capitalize on business demand.


Zip Forecasting is $19.00 a month per location with included free support and a ton of features.

Forecasting software helps you predict future sales and plan your inventory accordingly. With Zip Forecasting, you can plan big events and stay prepared with weather forecasts which could affect your sales. It also helps you control labor costs by scheduling the right number of staff.

Forecasting software generally has a positive impact on company performance. The ability to better predict future demand allows companies to optimize their inventory levels, reducing the chance of stock outs and maximizing profits. In addition, Zip Forecasting Software also helps managers make better decisions about resource allocation and how to plan for future growth.

By providing an up-to-date and accurate forecast of future work demands Zip Forecasting can help managers to plan their workforce needs more effectively. This, in turn, can lead to improved productivity and efficiency, as well as reduced costs associated with labor.

Yes, there is free customer support available with Zip Forecasting Software. We are here to assist you anytime you need.

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