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Why Choose Our Enterprise-grade Forecasting Software?

Plan ahead and stay prepared to meet customer
demands with highly-accurate sales projections.

Create Business Forecasts On Your First Day

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Integrates with Your Point of Sale

Experience seamless POS integration with ZIP Forecasting software. Our POS integration tool helps you through the process in a few minutes. After setting up, generate your first sales and transaction forecasts for the following week. Smooth integration with the POS results in better and more accurate projections.

Forecast Sales And Transactions

Generate sales and transaction forecasts in a few clicks. Detailed forecasts allow you to drill down to 15-minute intervals ensuring pinpoint accuracy. Using it with Zip Schedules, these forecasts help reduce over and under-labor scheduling. With Zip Inventory, it helps maintain stock levels.

Adjust Forecasts For Weather and Events

Stay prepared for unexpected weather with Zip Forecasting software. Adjust forecasts for upcoming weather and events. Edit sales and transactions at the day level and at 15-minute intervals. Always be ready for increased demand due to a big event or fewer sales due to bad weather.

Customize staff Forecast Matrices To Store Needs

Customize matrices to fit the unique requirements of your business. Using customized forecast matrices, you can quickly determine the number of staff to schedule on any given day for various sites. Make minor changes like staff or positions needed at different sales ranges and assign it to any site.

Tailor Forecast Settings For Each Site

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Improve Profit Margins by Lowering Labor Costs

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Know your labor cost

Keep your labor costs under control with Zip Forecasting Software. Get a clear picture of your labor costs while creating schedules. Set up your preferred labor percentage of sales and use it as a guide during schedule creation. Save money with accurate scheduling every time.

Optimize work Schedules

Create schedules based on unique business requirements. Generate daily staff forecasts at 15, 30 or 60-minute intervals. Eliminate over and under scheduling, by forecasting how many staff members you need at each position throughout the day. Keep up productivity and performance with the right team members.

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