Why choose an Enterprise Forecasting App?

automate your forecasting

Automate Your Forecasting

Zip Forecasting is designed to suit your organization’s needs at all levels. We realize that large organizations may have a wider regional, national, and global presence. Zip Forecasting generates site-by-site projections so that operators are equipped to deal with change that is exclusive to their respective markets.

eliminates inefficiencies

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Suboptimal labor scheduling and lack of sufficient inventory can prove to be costly to an organization. This is true especially if the problem persists at scale. Zip Forecasting works to eliminate inefficient scheduling and inventory upkeep so that each of your locations is fully equipped to reduce labor and food costs.

maximize your revenue

Maximize Your Revenue

Zip Forecasting is intended to give your business the competitive edge of visibility. There can be a multitude of factors that affect your business’s profitability. Zip Forecasting projects sales and transactional volume based on historical data, which gives decision makers necessary insight into areas where your business may reduce spending to improve margins.

predict sales reduce costs

Predict Sales To Reduce Costs

Zip Forecasting displays daily sales and transaction projections based on historical data stored in your POS system. Our application ensures that key stakeholders in your operations are informed of any changes in sales trends before they are expected to occur. When operators have the line of sight to anticipate changes in customer traffic, they are better equipped to schedule an optimal amount of labor or keep an ideal amount of inventory that will maximize your sites’ profits.

Pursuing operational efficiency should be a goal that all leadership teams set for their organization, especially if they want to optimize their business’s bottom line. Zip Forecasting provides the clarity needed to make decisions in areas of your business where you will be able to cut costs. Combined with other applications in our suite, our forecasting solution will enable you to take actions that will significantly reduce your food and labor costs.

Run Your Operations Efficiently

Having accurate sales projections is the most crucial component to running a successful business, as sales forecasting affects multiple layers of your organization’s operations. Zip Forecasting’s intuitive system creates accurate sales projections which will help optimize your organization’s inventory, food ordering, and scheduling, resulting in decreased waste, lower inventory costs, and reduced labor costs. This allows you to save money while increasing the overall customer experience.

Our system takes your sales projections and uses them to calculate the proper amount of forecasted hours for every position in your restaurant. Zip Forecasting ensures that every shift is properly staffed in every department, helping you create the perfect schedule. If your projections need any last minute adjustments due to a big event or unexpected weather, you and your managers can make changes at any time. With accurate projections and proper staffing, you and your managers can go into every shift knowing you are fully prepared which will minimize stress, increase throughput, and ultimately increase revenue for your organization.

run your operations efficiently
quick easy and intuitive

Quick, Easy, and Intuitive

Zip Forecasting is designed to streamline decision-making processes regarding employee scheduling and inventory ordering in a simple, easy-to-use way. For the purpose of making our service even more convenient, Zip Forecasting is built with seamless integration capability with every major POS system. With this, our application provides the most easy-to-use and agile service on the market.

Zip Forecasting promises the ability to easily adapt across your organization; you will be able to anticipate and adjust to change quickly in order to guarantee the best outcomes for your business. Similarly, our onboarding system is quick, intuitive, and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. With Zip Forecasting, you can generate forecasts for the upcoming week within minutes after onboarding.


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