How to Increase Website Traffic- 8 Proven Ways

Businesses rely on a constant flow of unique customers to grow clientele, maintain income, and fund expansion efforts.

First, companies need to implement strategies to establish their online presence and increase website traffic. With increased traffic, organizations can promote brand exposure and extend their customer reach.

8 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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According to the Content Marketing Institute's 2019 survey, approximately 61% of professional content creators find it challenging to determine what interests their audience. Businesses need to be able to leverage what is important to their customers to drive traffic.

Luckily, there are several additional strategies companies can use to generate more leads and increase their website traffic-

1. Create Unique Content

Companies need to focus on creating content that attracts their buyer demographics. This strategy is known as inbound marketing and it focuses on tailoring content around buyer personas.

First, management needs to identify their buyer persona by researching their audience. Then they must learn what their audience is searching for online by conducting search engine optimization (SEO) research.

Once topics of interest are outlined, creators can begin drafting and publishing personalized content. After a piece is published, management should promote it on social media, the website, and even through email marketing to generate traffic.

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2. Showcase Expertise

Showing expertise in a specific area generally helps organizations rank higher on search engines, such as Google. Engines favor websites that thoroughly cover a subject matter through multiple short and long-form articles.

Exhausting a topic by writing on all of its various subcategories and perspectives boosts long-term traffic and ranking. This grows the customer base and enhances the business's reach by making it easy for consumers to find their brand.

3. Pay for Advertisement

Businesses that want to drive traffic quickly can pay for advertisements. Most search engines offer pay-per-click and retargeting ads, which exposes the brand to a wide variety of consumers.

Social media ads are also a great online marketing option where organizations can promote targeted advertisements and even sponsored posts. In fact, CMO's 2020 survey estimates that social media will increase by 62% over the next five years.

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4. Generate Organic Social Media Viewers

Generating organic social media viewers through social media marketing requires more time and effort but can result in a loyal customer base. Businesses should have accounts on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each outlet has its own unique tools that companies should capitalize on.

For example, Facebook released a messenger feature where businesses can create automated chatbots to interact with consumers on their page. Instagram also has a unique function where organizations can post stories with a swipe up feature that directs consumers to their online store.

Management should also consider diversifying their social media presence by creating accounts on YouTube or Pinterest.

When it comes to creating content on social media, businesses should be careful not to spam their audience with excessive posts. This can inhibit viewer clicks, conversions, and traffic.

5. Utilize Email Marketing

Building off of the already established client base is a great way to drive traffic to a business's online website. When a brand runs a new promotion or campaign, they can automatically email this information to their followers and loyalty members.

This enables customers to easily share posts, discounts, and offers with their friends and family, boosting traffic flow.

Companies that don't already have an emailing list can implement a prompt that pops up whenever users enter their website where consumers can input their emails to receive alerts. Management can also make it mandatory for customers enrolled in the loyalty program to store their email so they can receive customized content.

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6. Engage Customers

As an organization builds their presence on social media, traffic flow begins to consistently increase. This provides a great opportunity to engage the audience, boost brand exposure, and create relationships with customers.

Engaging customers looks different for every type of business. Management can respond to online reviews, launch social media discussions, and implement interactive content on the website.

For example, the athletic clothing line Fabletics allows customers to complete a quiz about their fashion sense, exercise routine, and clothing preferences to receive customized product suggestions.

7. Prioritize On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Besides providing consistent content, there are tricks that creators can use to boost their SEO scores.

For example, using high ranking keywords in the page title, header, meta-description, image description, and even the URL can boost rankings significantly. The higher the search engine score, the more a company is able to boost their traffic flow.

8. Implement Internal links

A business's goal should be to grab the consumer's attention and have them continue exploring the website.

Therefore, creators should implement internal links that direct readers to their other content. This makes it easy for the audience to find similar products or posts, while driving website activity and conversion rates.

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