Chloe Henderson

Chloe received a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Ashford University and is currently a digital content creator for Hubworks. In her free time, she enjoys acting, writing, and spending time with family.

Workforce Optimization- 4 Tips for Success

Workforce optimization combines strategy and technology to improve an organization's overall operational efficiency. This can improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.
workforce optimization 4 tips for success

What is Business Analytics? Complete Guide for Business Owners

Business analytics uses a series of scientific processes to provide companies with valuable insights into their processes and operations. This enables them to improve their strategy development.
what is business analytics complete guide for business owners

How to Increase Website Traffic- 8 Proven Ways

When e-commerce businesses are able to increase website traffic, they can generate more leads and conversions. This helps to boost the customer base and revenue.
how to increase website traffic 8 proven ways

Data Quality Assessment- Metrics & Steps to Know

A data quality assessment enables a business to evaluate their existing data's integrity and create a plan of action to improve the quality of their information.
data quality assessment metrics steps to know

3 Creative Data-Driven Promotion Tips for Businesses

Data-driven promotions use detailed customer insights to create targeted campaigns through various sales channels, promoting engagement, traffic, and sales.
3 creative data driven promotion tips for businesses

How to Become a Data-Driven Business- Guide for Business Owners

A data-driven business uses historical and real-time information from various sources to make informed decisions. This can improve internal operations, strategies, and overall performance.
how to become a data driven business guide for business owners

Rolling Forecasts for Businesses- Definition & 8 Steps

A rolling forecast is an excellent tool for businesses to detect emerging trends and prepare their counteraction to promote performance. This can enhance the organization's competitive edge and sales.
rolling forecasts for businesses definition 8 steps

How Manual Processes Drag Companies Down & 5 Benefits of Automation

Businesses that utilize manual processes can streamline workflow and reduce risks derived from human error by implementing automated solutions.
how manual processes drag companies down 5 benefits of automation

5 Ways Using Business Data Can Transform Companies

By collecting and analyzing business data, companies can gain insights into internal processes, overall performance, and trends to optimize decision-making.
5 ways using business data can transform companies

9 Types of Sales Analysis Techniques for Businesses

A sales analysis uses key metrics to generate detailed reports on trends and company performance, enabling management to determine shortcomings and successes.
9 types of sales analysis techniques for businesses