Chloe Henderson

Chloe received a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Ashford University and is currently a digital content creator for Hubworks. In her free time, she enjoys acting, writing, and spending time with family.

Guide to Predictive Analytics- Definition, Process & More

Predictive analytics alert companies of emerging trends, allowing them to make informed business decisions to enhance performance, profits, and growth.
guide to predictive analytics definition process more

5 Leading Types of Frauds in Business to be Wary Of

The ability to identify the different types of frauds in business allows companies to implement risk management tactics to prevent reputation damage and capital loss.
5 leading types of frauds in business to be wary of

What Does Elasticity of Demand Measure? Formula and Example

The elasticity of demand measures the effect of an item's price on customer demand. Calculating this information allows companies to determine the optimal price range to enhance sales.
what does elasticity of demand measure formula and example

Predictive Modeling in Healthcare- 3 Common Uses & How to Get Started

Predictive modeling in healthcare monitors patient behavior, appointments, and supply chain trends to help organizations optimize staffing, service, and spending.
predictive modeling in healthcare 3 common uses how to get started

Predictive vs. Prescriptive Analytics- When to Use Them

Predictive and prescriptive analytics use past and real-time data to alert organizations of future outcomes, such as risks, malfunctions, and opportunities.
predictive vs prescriptive analytics when to use them

Data Mining vs. Machine Learning- 4 Key Differences

Data mining and machine learning are powerful analytics tools that observe data to inform businesses of their performance. However, there are key differences that separate the two solutions.
data mining vs machine learning 4 key differences

KPI For Budgeting and Forecasting- Top 10 Metrics to Track

Businesses that utilize KPIs for budgeting and forecasting strategies ensure that decisions are data-based to support profitability, cash flow, and expansion.
kpi for budgeting and forecasting top 10 metrics to track

6 Competitive Differentiation Techniques for a Saturated Market

Competitive differentiation is what sets a company apart from others, attracting customers with their individual identity and processes. Without a unique perspective, businesses may be overlooked.
6 competitive differentiation techniques for a saturated market

7 Types of Business Risks and How to Counteract Them

Learning to identify the different types of business risk allows companies to limit their exposure and respond to threats. These skills allow businesses to continue operations while mitigating risks.
7 types of business risks and how to counteract them

Complete Guide to Cash Flow Projections for Businesses

Organizations should perform regular cash flow projections to monitor funds and optimize investments and expenses. This practice enables management to secure capital in the long run.
complete guide to cash flow projections for businesses