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Forecasting Made Simple

Zip Forecast helps you easily create and manage forecasts for many key areas of your business.

Sales Forecasting

You can integrate with your Point-of-Sale system to gather sales data that helps you forecast for future sales.

Labor Forecasting

Integrate with Zip Schedules or a third-party scheduling app to create job matrices and weekly labor forecasts

Inventory Forecasting

Integrate with Zip Inventory or a third-party inventory management tool to manage and forecast for your orders

Zip Forecast is tailored to your industry

Discover how businesses from specialized industries are using Zip Forecast to meet their needs and increase their profits.

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Make Informed Sales Forecast Decisions

With Zip Forecast, you’re able to take multiple aspects into account when creating your sales forecasts. On one page, you can quickly see last year’s sales, any particular holidays or events that occurred, as well as the estimated forecast for sales and weather.

Fast and Easy Setup

With Zip Forecast, you will be ready to start forecasting your staff labor on Day 1. Simply import past sales data, set up a simple forecast metric, and assign it to your site. Then, generation your first forecast to project sales and meet staff demands.

Accurate Labor Budgeting

When using Zip Forecast with Zip Schedules, you can reduce and control labor costs by setting up your preferred labor percentage of sales as a guide during the schedule creation process.

Thousands of Happy Customers and Counting

See how Zip Forecast can help you save money and reduce variances in labor and sales.

Jon Evrard

General Manager at Fresh Griller

I was so surprised with how simple things were. I was searching for something like Zip Forecast – something simple and accurate. I’ve tried many other applications before getting to this point, and I’m glad I made the decision to go with Zip Forecast.

Calvin Wessley

Manager, Good Times Catering

Labor demand planning was a sore spot for our business until we found Zip Forecast. It was such an easy tool to get started with, and results became apparent quickly. Within the first month, we had optimized our workforce productivity and reduced our labor costs.

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Optimize Your Sales and Labor Forecasts

Generate sales and transactions with a single click. Detailed forecasts allow you to drill down to 15-minute intervals to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

With Zip Forecast you can generate daily staff forecasts on 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals. You can also eliminate over and under scheduling by forecasting how many staff members you need at each position throughout the day.

Guessing games are a thing of the past.
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